Artist Sergio Furnari placed his tribute to doctors and nurses in Times Square in the middle of the night. The work depicts a kneeling man in a white jumpsuit with his arms to the sky

It was 1987 when Arturo Di Modica placed the famous sculpture of the bull of Wall Street in front of the American Stock Exchange without authorization. It was meant to be a lucky charm for the Big Apple facing a serious economic crisis at the time. Today, the whole world is faced with the effects of a severe financial and health crisis. Among the most affected categories there are doctors and nurses, to whom the Sicilian Sergio Furnari has dedicated his artwork.

A SYMBOL OF REBIRTH. The sculpture “Co­vid Hero Mo­nu­ment” depicts a kneeling man, arms to the sky, wearing a white jumpsuit, the protective clothing of doctors and health professionals in this strenuous struggle. It’s a symbol of hope and rebirth. The sculpture was placed with a real operation of guerilla art at night in the middle of Times Square in New York without any authorization. Furnari, who moved from Caltagirone to New York several years ago, is not new to this kind of social art: his is the sculpture in terracotta, cement, metal and glass Lun­ch­ti­me on a Sky­scra­per-A Tri­bu­te to Ame­ri­ca’s He­roes, that portrays eleven workers on lunch break.

SICILIAN DNA. Sergio Furnari was born in Caltagirone, home city of the Sicilian ceramics, which has influenced the artist since his childhood. In fact, many of his works refer to colors and style of Caltagirone, but that’s not the case with “Co­vid Hero Mo­nu­ment”. It has a different, almost of devotion, symbolic value. After the installation in Times Square, the travelling sculpture has moved in front of the Presbyterian Hospital of Manhattan to thank doctors and nurses who have fought and are still fighting against the virus. However, Sergio Furnari’s social activism doesn’t end here: the artist is also the promoter of a fundraiser for children orphaned by the pandemic.

Translated by Daniela Marsala