The courage of young Italians on the Titanic

“Un so­gno sul­l’o­cea­no” (Dreaming on the ocean), San Paolo, 2019, “is a book about the ambition of 17-year-olds lived a century ago” according to the author, the psychoanalyst Luigi Ballerini. A novel addressed to today’s young people, who have much in common with their peers ... More »

Choose Malta for work: reality or Utopia?

From the big island to a small archipelago, the story of three Sicilian people who decided to try their luck in the heart of the Mediterranean sea (but not in Sicily) There’s an island in the middle of the Mediterranean sea, 316 square km and with 445.000 inhabitants. For many Si... More »

The Free Mind Foundry

It may seem like an office located on the top of a skyscraper in Los Angeles or San Francisco, but the new and modern home of the Free Mind Foundry innovation hub is located in Acireale, within the Directional Center of the Credito Siciliano The center has equipment, laboratories... More »

The other face of beauty

The story of Kané, Bakary and Kanjura: from the boat to a stable job thanks to a training course by an institution in Catania “When I was a child I dreamed of becoming a doctor, but I soon realised life was going to take me elsewhere. Now, in Italy, my dream is to be a good cook”... More »