Do you know how much food is wasted every day? As the report of Waste Watcher Observatory created by Last Minute/SWG shows, in Italy more than 20 million tons of food are thrown away every year. A bitter reality that affects environment and that is responsible for 8% of global greenhouse gas emissions with harmful effects for our planet. An app to face this situation has been created in Denmark in 2015. Its name is Too Good to Go, it debuted in Milan last Spring and is now making inroads in Catania. The premise is simple: cutting the waste by enabling consumers to buy unsold products from restaurants or commercial activities with benefits for both the environment and wallets.

TOO GOOD TO GO. Sonia, the owner of a cafe located in Catania, recently entered the family of Too Good to Go and explained to us how it works: “Everything revolves around the magic boxes (containing a variety of products that would otherwise be unsold) that we choose to make available every day and whose price corresponds to about one third of the original sale cost”. After downloading the app, customers can see the commercial activities available through the geo-localization and “they can pre-order their magic box during the day and then pick it up at the time indicated, that in our case is between 8.30 and 9.15 pm”.

IN OUR OWN SMALL WAY. If you decide to pre-order a magic box, you will know its content only during the purchase and can leave a review in the app, where you are asked to rate the quality-price ratio, the management of the box and the amount of its content. “The app is easy and intuitive to use, ‒ added Sonia ‒ and efficiently helps to reduce the waste of unsold products. The customers who use it are mainly young people between 20 and 35 years old: they are evolved into the matter, give positive feedback on the initiative and are pleased to be able to buy fresh products at a lower price”. A positive effect also reflects on owners’ activities, who don’t see the fruit of their work in the garbage, “which is really a great thing”, concluded Sonia. As the name of the app suggests, after all, it’s too good to go.T