Young, talented and creative: here is how the Sicilian Gaspare and Alessandro climbed the success in London bars between a Passito and a glass of Marsala

For us it is not a matter of success, but of passion: moving to London was necessary because this city represents the capital of cocktails, but we always have the desire to go back home». These are the words of Alessandro Geraci and Gaspare Di Carlo, two young barmen who have made their way from the small bars of Termini Imerese to the Shard and the Sky Garden, two of the London’s tallest skyscrapers.

MIXOLOGY BASED ON SICILIAN LIQUORS. After a hard initial apprenticeship, Gaspare and Alessandro arrived at the “upper floors” of a London that comes alive at night thanks to their Sicilian-flavored cocktails. « The classic Sicilian products are among the most appreciated basic ones are: Limoncello, the most famous liqueur in the world, and Passito di Noto. But what we like most about the Londoners – says Alessandro – is their willingness to always try new things, and we are ready to experiment ». In fact, alongside Gaspare and Alessandro, Davide Mangiamele is also a magician of mixology: a mixture of flavors, from sweet to savory, envelops the palates of the most curious, ready to taste unusual combinations of creations that in this predominantly case come from Sicily.

NOT ONLY DRINK, FLAVORS OF SICILY. Thanks to the pubs that manage transport and to the some Sicilian brands already present in London, the two bartenders had no difficulty obtaining the raw materials at the base of their masterpieces: « Some typical products like Mandarinetto and Limoncello are of our production but starting from tradition we are able to innovate it. We presented various creations in private events and many projects are still underway». Alessandro and Gaspare are confident: could one ever imagine drinking a drink in a cannolo or in a cassata? We are also expanding our perspectives and in addition to cocktails we are making our customers try other typically Sicilian foods. For example, think about the panelle: English people go crazy for chickpeas and these are all vegan and glutenfree ».

Alessandro preparing a cocktail

SICILIAN HOSPITALITY. In fact, Alessandro and Gaspare have broad perspectives and are no longer limited to creating incredible cocktails: together with Davide and Nino Badalì, who collaborates with them behind the scenes, the four are a team that takes the name of “Hospitalian”, combining the word “hospitality” and “Italian”. « It’s not just a matter of quality of the drink or the food ‒ they explained ‒ but also of the way they are served: we really like welcoming our guests with typical Sicilian hospitality, so that they feel more at home that in a bar ».

A RETURN TO GO BACK HOME. Talking about home, Gaspare and Alessandro have not forgotten their own: «We would love to go back to Sicily, let people experience our creations and introduce the philosophy of what is new, of what is odd. In fact, in Italian this mixed culture is not very rooted, but it is affirming itself: for example, we recently were in Milan to participate in the AgaveExperience, an event held by bartending experts. Going back home and transmitting passion and hope to other young people with our same aspirations would be a great achievement for us».


Translated into English by Eva Luna Mascolino