Giorgio Romeo

New shape of journalism:
a future to be written

“Today, one of the crucial issues concerning information is the lack of trust between readers and newspapers. What can be done to reverse this trend? A possible approach could be to make our processes more transparent: wouldn’t you  trust more a restaurant with an open kitchen, where you can check the hygiene of the...

the hub
where old
and new meet

It's a modern co-working space, open to the city for the working environment of the future, conceived by the entrepreneur Antonio Perdichizzi: “Our ʻonlifeʼ project combines real and digital. We want this space to dialogue with the neighborhood and to guest not only who already has a startup, but also those who simply have...

The courage of young Italians on the Titanic

“Un so­gno sul­l’o­cea­no” (Dreaming on the ocean), San Paolo, 2019, “is a book about the ambition of 17-year-olds lived a century ago” according to the author, the psychoanalyst Luigi Ballerini. A novel addressed to today's young people, who have much in common with their peers of that time

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