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New shape of journalism:
a future to be written

“Today, one of the crucial issues concerning information is the lack of trust between readers and newspapers. What can be done to reverse this trend? A possible approach could be to make our processes more transparent: wouldn’t you  trust more a restaurant with an open kitchen, where you can check the hygiene of the...

the hub
where old
and new meet

It's a modern co-working space, open to the city for the working environment of the future, conceived by the entrepreneur Antonio Perdichizzi: “Our ʻonlifeʼ project combines real and digital. We want this space to dialogue with the neighborhood and to guest not only who already has a startup, but also those who simply have...

Why Sicilian gesture
is a real language

“With gestures you pray and grant, you praise and blame, you stroke and despise up to compose whole discourses”. The ethnologist from Palermo was among the first to highlight, in his majestic collection, how important gestures are in communication. He noted the surprise reactions of foreigners already in the 19th century

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